Vol.15 – 2024 Spring

On the cover! Put the blocks through the holes… This is an experiment showing the technology allowing scientists to build 3D structures of actin, a protein acting as the cell skeleton. When various subcellular-sized shapes (pink) were drawn on a sheet mimicking the cell membrane (blue), actin (green) was self-assembled into pillars with maintaining the […]

Dengue viral proteins replicating RNA

Research Highlights

Rhythms behind zigzag hair growth, capturing atomic picture of dengue virus replication, parasitic worms manipulate the host mantis, organ preservation and human hibernation, and more.
Research highlights articles and press releases between May 2023 to November 2023. Read these and other articles on the BDR website.


The Desire to Explain Nutrition Properly

Dr. Chika Takahashi who talked about her research using the short-lived killifish, introduced me to Dr. Hina Kosakamoto, who works with the fruit fly. As the name of the lab she works in includes the words ‘nutritional biology,’ I went to the interview hoping that I would be able to learn something that might be useful for dieting.


Kobe Bridge and Portopia Bridge

Chuo Ward, Kobe

Kobe’s city center of Sannomiya is connected to the man-made Port Island by two bridges and one undersea tunnel. This photo of the illuminated Kobe Bridge was taken from the Port Island side.