Mika Yoshimura

Behind the scenes of cutting-edge research

She’s an expert on bioinformatics who analyzes a huge amount of data from a NGS. Her role does not usually get a lot of attention but as a woman who works in the male dominated field of information systems, she sparks my curiosity more than usual…

Computational work to see the structure of DNA

I had an opportunity to casually chat with him the other day about much broader topics including politics, religion and education. But, I wondered how this interview would go…

A new scheme of science

We are going to meet Dr. Kanda, who is operating “Maholo,” a robot doing experiments. Although I have seen an online stream of Maholo in action, this is my first time seeing it in person. I wonder what kind of themes we are going to talk about today… Genki N. KANDA RIKEN Center for Biosystems […]

Teamwork of specialists from different fields propels biological research

This interview took place in Dr. Kaneshiro’s lab. I was greeted by the sight of bare lasers and a lot of lenses. I could already sense that this was going to be a different interview than the previous ones….


A step-by-step approach to aging research

This time, I interview research scientist Masaharu Uno. I heard that his research was on aging using worms. Why worms, I wondered as I made my way to go talk to him.

Sunagawa profile

Research on hibernation?

Hideki’s interest was piqued when he heard that special postdoctoral researcher Genshiro Sunagawa is conducting research related to hiberna