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Everything is Manual Work

Everything is Manual Work

Ritsuko Morita, our interviewee this time, was introduced to us by Mika Yoshimura (Behind the scenes of cutting-edge research). The interview took place in January 2021, but since she was in the middle of submitting her paper to the journal Nature, we held off on releasing this interview until the paper was published. Now that […]


Constant temperature and humidity room

RIKEN BDR-DAIKIN Collaboration Center in Kobe

A laboratory with four interconnected test rooms, where room temperature and humidity can be strictly controlled. The laboratory can be set to simulate not only an ordinary air-conditioned office room but also environmental temperature …

fruit fly mutants

Vol. 07 – 2021 Spring

Different fly species?
These are in fact all the same fruit fly species Drosophila melanogaster.
Their different appearances are due to one or multiple genetic mutations, which lead to black bodies, white eyes, etc. There is one wild-type (normal) fly and mutant flies with 20 different phenotypes. Can you identify them all?
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A Researcher poses with dinosaur bones

Applying Embryology to Dinosaur Studies

We are going to interview Dr. Egawa who is a dinosaur researcher. I can’t wait! But, why dinosaur research not at a museum but at RIKEN? Since RIKEN BDR is a biological research institute, rather than a geological one, I’m curious to find out what kind of research he is doing…

Kawaguchi Lab microscope

Nonequilibrium Physics of Living Matter RIKEN Hakubi Research Team

The RIKEN Hakubi Fellows program offers outstanding and talented early-career scientists the opportunity to lead an independent team to pursue creative and ambitious research with the potential for high scientific and societal impact. This time, we introduce a team led by Hakubi Team leader Kyogo Kawaguchi…

Research Highlights

Research Highlights

Research highlights articles and press releases between December 2020 to February 2021.


Vol.06 – Winter 2021

Floating bubbles?
These are 3D alveolar (lung) organoids or mini-organs generated from culturing mouse alveolar stem cells in a culture dish. The organoids can produce different types of alveolar cells.
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In between Technology and Science

In between Technology and Science

The person I interviewed this time was Dr. Takashi Niwa, who is a member of the Laboratory for Chemical Biology. I assumed his research is chemistry oriented, but at BDR where a lot of the research centers around biology, I wondered what he actually did. So I decided to talk to him to appease my curiosity.

Equipment in the yellow room

Nanofabrication equipment to make ultrafine fluidic devices

BioSystems Building, Osaka University

Instrument that emits electron beams on photosensitive material for nanoimprinting. A semiconductor processing technique used for LSI manufacturing is adapted for biological research.

Mizuno /Watanabe Unit leader

RIKEN BDR-DAIKIN Collaboration Center

At the RIKEN BDR-DAIKIN Collaboration Center, one of two collaboration centers established at BDR with a partnering company, BDR scientists researching human fatigue and Daikin Industries, Ltd., a global manufacturer of air conditioning systems, have teamed up to share and exchange their respective knowledge and technologies…


Research Highlights

Research highlights articles and press releases between August 2020 to November 2020.


Vol.05 – Autumn 2020

Meadow of flowers in full bloom?
The initiation of cephalic furrow in the Drosophila embryo. This enigmatic structure appears only transiently and yet precisely during development.
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two researchers working in a lab

Clinical Translational Research Program

Two researchers with clinical knowledge and experience are leading respective teams under this program with the goal of advancing our understanding of diseases as well as developing applications for regenerative medicine.


Molecular Imaging Facility

MI R&D Center Building, Kobe Campus

We can observe what is going on inside the body without causing damage or harm, and visualize tissue organization, cell function, and molecular dynamics.

Mika Yoshimura

Behind the scenes of cutting-edge research

She’s an expert on bioinformatics who analyzes a huge amount of data from a NGS. Her role does not usually get a lot of attention but as a woman who works in the male dominated field of information systems, she sparks my curiosity more than usual…


Research Highlights

Research highlights articles and press releases between March 2020 to July 2020

Computational work to see the structure of DNA

Computational work to see the structure of DNA

I had an opportunity to casually chat with him the other day about much broader topics including politics, religion and education. But, I wondered how this interview would go…


Outreach activities

From November 2019 to February 2020


Vol.04 – Spring 2020

On the cover:
Cytochrome protein containing heme moving in water. Snapshot from a simulation calculated by supercomputer MDGRAPE-4A.

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Wataru Kimura

Turning points and balance in a scientific career

BDR Team Leader Wataru Kimura
Interviewed by Emily Bian
(Intern from University of Wisconsin-Madison)

myosin bound DNA Origami

Research Highlights

Research highlights articles and press releases between November 2019 to February 2020

A new scheme of science

A new scheme of science

We are going to meet Dr. Kanda, who is operating “Maholo,” a robot doing experiments. Although I have seen an online stream of Maholo in action, this is my first time seeing it in person. I wonder what kind of themes we are going to talk about today… Genki N. KANDA Research scientist in the […]


Vol. 03 – Winter 2019

On the cover:
Inside view of a cell captured by electron microscopy. Structure in grey is the nucleus, and structures in yellow and other colors are mitochondria…

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Teamwork of specialists from different fields propels biological research

Teamwork of specialists from different fields propels biological research

This interview took place in Dr. Kaneshiro’s lab. I was greeted by the sight of bare lasers and a lot of lenses. I could already sense that this was going to be a different interview than the previous ones….