Yokohama Campus

Childcare Facility at Yokohama Campus

(▲Top image)A childcare facility situated on RIKEN premises specifically for use by RIKEN employees. Both research and administrative staff are eligible to use the childcare services. Temporary childcare is also available for participants of academic meetings and symposia held at RIKEN.


Inside the childcare facility
Inside the childcare facility. A past user from BDR, H.Y., commented, “I would catch glimpses of the children on walks around the campus, and I felt at ease that my child was being looked after on the same premises as where I was. I also enjoyed participating in seasonal events, such as Halloween, with my child.”


Birds-eye view of the facility
Birds-eye view of the facility. The buildings, in order of closeness, are the RIKEN Kids Yokohama, Central NMR Complex (donut-shaped), and West NMR Complex (bamboo-shoot shaped). In the background is the Tsurumi River.