MI R&D Center Building, Kobe Campus

We can observe what is going on inside the body without causing damage or harm, and visualize tissue organization, cell function, and molecular dynamics.

(▲top image)The world’s first connectome scanner for primates, which is based on high magnetic field MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), is a powerful tool for dissecting function, architecture and connectivity of the human and non-human primate brain. The wall illustrations are designed to create a calming atmosphere for human (and animal?) subjects.


▲ PET/CT scanner for animals. We are carrying out basic research on the use of positron emission tomography (PET) not only for diagnosing cancers-already commonly used in hospitals-but also for diagnosing various other diseases and for drug discovery.


MI building
▲ View of the MI R&D Center Building from the Port-liner’s Iryo Center Station. “MI” is short for molecular imaging. To the right of the building is the RIKEN Integrated Innovation Building (IIB).