Yokohama Campus

top image)The cryo-electron microscope is three meters tall and is equipped with a state-of-the-art detector to count electrons, and this information is processed in the box seen in front. There are three cryo-electron microscopes in operation at the Central NMR Complex, RIKEN Yokohama.

The cryo-electron microscope is an electron microscope that exhibits powerful capabilities for observing proteins and other biomolecules. The 3D structures of biomolecules can be determined in a close-to-natural stage by quickly freezing them in solution.


Yokohama RIKEN buildings
There are many unique buildings at the Yokohama Campus. The cryo-electron microscopes are found inside the donut-shaped building.
A reachers explain poster.
Research scientist Takeshi Yokoyama (Lab for Protein Functional and Structural Biology) explaining cryo-electron microscopy to visitors. Even non-scientists like looking at these large analytical instruments.