BioSystems Building, Osaka University

Would you like to try using a microdevice that incorporates nanometer-scale channels?


(▲top image) An instrument that uses electron beams to draw fine patterns. This semiconductor processing technique (lithography) used to draw circuits on resist-coated material was adapted for biological research. The room uses “yellow light” to protect the resist layer.


▲Microfabrication device (rectangles) to make micro-pattern for culturing E. coli cells individually. Approximately 65,000 ‘capsule’ structures in a one squared millimeter area can be imprinted on agarose pad surfaces.


facade of the BioSystems Building at Osaka University
▲BioSystems Building at Osaka University’s Suita Campus houses three BDR laboratories, including the Laboratory for Integrated Biodevice which offers the micro/nanofabrication services.