RIKEN BDR-DAIKIN Collaboration Center

Making a comfortable and healthy room environment

(top image) A laboratory with four interconnected test rooms, where room temperature and humidity can be strictly controlled. The laboratory can be set to simulate not only an ordinary air-conditioned office room but also environmental temperature and humidity changes as one would experience when entering into the house from outside. The autonomic nervous system activity of a subject in the room can be monitored in real-time using a wireless heart rate sensor.


inside test room
In a test room, a volunteer subject performs a fatigue-inducing task with a computer. Researchers investigate the effects of temperature and humidity on fatigue levels and recovery from fatigue.


IIB building
Inside the RIKEN Integrated Innovation Building (IIB), in addition to the RIKEN BDR-DAIKIN Collaboration Center, there are other interdisciplinary research and collaborations between RIKEN and industry partners underway.